Only on this one night of the year would be normal to see a swarm of people dressed head to toe in white clothing and almost every single American studying abroad in Europe crowding the streets of Copenhagen. It must mean that it’s Sensation: Source of Light.

Essentially a huge rave held in Parken (the soccer stadium), the concert combines live performances from European House Music DJ’s with high-tech, ostentatious circus acts. Though the company travels globally, each concert brings in different DJ’s–creating variety in the shows the company puts up. What this means is that walking into the venue, you will have little to know idea what the experience will be like.

It was, to say the least, tacky. But very well done. And beyond fun. The moment the show started, large 3-dimensional screens made to look like faces, suspended mid-air, began to separate and move about the venue, revealing a hollow, globe-shaped structure where the DJ’s would be playing. Acrobatic acts, fire effects, and dazzling light shows accompanied the DJ’s performances throughout the night. A strict all-white dress code added much to the ambiance. And made for some great images.

In lieu of photos, I’ve provided the trailer the company released to advertise for this year’s show in Denmark. Have a look!